MyBook suddenly only 0 TB--reformat and lose backups?

My 4 TB MyBook has been happily backing up my files for some time (years?). But when I checked it today, WD Smartware shows it (as E: drive) with 0 KB used and 0 KB free and no files. ON my PC, when I try to open the E: drive, it says I need to format it.

I suppose I could format it and see if it works. But it should have all my backups and it would be a shame if I lost those. (But not a disaster, I have other backups and at least today my main hard drive is working.) Is there anything else I can try before I reformat?

WD Drive Utilities says SMART status passed, but Quick Drive Test failed (with no details shown).

Windows Disk Management shows Disk 1, 3725.99 GB, Read Only (?), and three partitions:

  • E: 465.75 RAW healthy (primary partition)
  • 1582.25 GB unallocated
  • 1677.99 GB unallocated

WD Unlocker is “CD Drive D:” says MyBook (3.64 TB) is not locked.

Hello radiodave,

I would suggest using alternate data recovery tools to recover the important data from the My Book device. Then, proceed to reformat the drive in a compatible file format to allocate the complete storage.