MyBook Studio - update latest firmware

Hope this is the right place for MyBook Studio thread as I cannot find MyBook Studio in the main folder.

Just got a new PC with Win 10. Setting up the home network.

Wondering whether I should update the firmware on MyBook Studio. Cannot even find out what is the firmware version in that MyBook. Called WD and no success there.

Also tried the hardware ID in Window, no such firmware infor.

Read some scary result with some updating their firmware with Win 10 64 bits. MyBook Studio was released when 64 bits was still a baby.

Like to know from those who are using:

  • MyBook Studio edition II
  • Window 10 64 bits home

on your firmware upgrade experience (to the latest 2014 version). Success?


Hi, are you experiencing any issues with the drive that you are trying to update the firmware on the My Book Studio, however I doubt that there been any update for the firmware of this drive.

No problem that I know of.

Just re-set up my home network after getting my new PC. Window 10 is better than Vista (old PC).

Cannot remember what was the last firmware version I have used in MyBook Studio.

Latest version is in 2014. So thinking of updating to this if mine is many versions behind. But after reading on the net, scares me a bit as they say MyBook Studio is so out of date (eg 64 bits tech) and they had some problems with the firmware update and Window 10 (64 bits).

So, seeking feedback before I go ahead with the update.