MyBook Studio - Mac 3TB used with powered hubs

Had been using three MyBook Studio - Mac 3TB drives with a powered hub and thick USB1 to USB2 cable. Happened to notice the LED’s of the two units I bought together, earlier, not burning as brightly as one I bought more recently. Thinking it was some sort of throughput/speed indicator, I plugged them directly into my Mac Intel (desktop unit) but they burned no brighter. WD Tech help says hubs are not recommended, but referred to “drawing too much power” as if they were not powered by their own transformers/power supplies. The hub is just for data distribution.   RE: Case # [Deleted]

Thoughts? Again, had noticed no huge difference…did two 412GB transfers as an inadvertent test and the one through the hub may have been an hour longer (4 vs 5)…but not sure, as it was a little after the initial time estimate cycled, but not a lot of time after the initial time estimate. Could have been the same, doesn’t really matter, they’re mostly storage I set to go overnight.

Just don’t want to starve the drives if data isn’t getting to them fast enough (sorry, am an old timer when discs had to be treated like the characters in Asimov’s “I, Robot.”) during a crucial operaiton and have them lock up or shred. For example, using DiskWarrior as regular weekly maintenance, so a clean, smooth volume rewrite is a way for everyone to stay happy.


 To verify if the hard drives have any hardware damage you can run a test using Disk Utility, this will also try to correct any bad sectors that the My Books might have.