Mybook studio II won't power up

I have a mybook studio II (4gb) that’s only 6 months old, it seems to have failed. When I try to power it up nothing happens. I’ve tried disconnecting the power, firewire cable, and restarted the computer several times, but not getting any response what so ever from the hd. Does anyone know what this means? Is there a way of breathing life back in to my hd or is it broken?

The only thing that I can think of that might have happend to the it is that I accidently cut the powet before ejection from computer was completed the other night, could this be the cause for it not powering up?

The hd is setup in a raid 1 configuration as the stuff I have on there is very important to me, I can’t afford to loose it!

Any help much appreciated!

Sorry, false alarm! After a bit more unplugging/plugging in it suddenly sprang to life, everything seems to be back to normal! Very strange behaviour though, any ideas on what might be the cause?