MyBook Studio II, partitions


I have a 2TB MyBook Studio II drive set up as a RAID 1 mirror.

Another same model i have yet to set up. I want to partition the drive but still have it set up as a mirror.

Will the mirrored drive automatically partition itself too and mirror everything or do i need to follow special steps/intructions?

Any help greatly appreciated.


Mac OS X

MyBook Studio II 2TB

When you do the RAID configure it will automatically partition the drive for you.

All you need to do is choose the RAID you want  then click “Configure”.


Make sure that to save all data before you do the RAID configure.

RAID configure will erase all data on that drive.

Thanks for the reply,

The drive itself has no partitions out of the box, just the 2 drives.

Since it’s a mirror i will only be seeing 1 drive on my desktop and that’s what i want to divide in two 500GB partitions.

It’s already configured and setup as RAID 1 through the Drive Manager, i need to know if - when i partition it - the mirror drive will take over the same partitioning.


By default it already created 1 partition for the total of the drive space.

However you can create as many partition as you wish using the Disk Utility.

It will be on the same mirror.