MyBook Studio II has Insomnia

I like the Studio II drives, I bought one in 2008, and just bought the 4TB one last week.

I’m noticing that whereas the 2008 model used to drift off to sleep after 10 minutes or so of inactivity, the 2010 model pretends to be asleep (the lights on the front are not scrolling up and down) but it’s secretly clicking and whirring away doing something …

Does anyone know what the heck it’s up to ?

My Mybook Studio I (Model WDBAAJ0010HSL) decides to make “thrashing” noises when the Hard Drive is idle (but not asleep). It sounds like it’s writing or reading a large file.

What specifically does yours sound like?

It sounds absolutely normal and no problems are detected by any of the diagnostics …

The important point to note is that when my computer accesses the drive the lights on the front scroll up and down.

When the computer is asleep, the drive wakes up after 30 minutes and starts doing something by itself …

The lights on the front do not scroll, they glow bright the dim, yet I hear the drive spin up and the disks being accessed …

All very weird - the non-techy explanation from WD was that the ‘drive is adjusting itself to my computer’

Some googling around suggests it may be the SMART offline check running - i.e. the drive is checking itself for bad sectors and re-arranging things if it needs to.

I guess the main thing to watch is not to switch off the drive whilst it is busy doing self maintenance.

That’s my interpretation anyway, I’ve not been able to find out anything concrete.