MyBook Studio II: Hardware RAID?

I can’t seem to find anything concrete on this, but it was my understanding that the MyBook Studio is hardware RAID, however, I seem to only be able to get it to work as RAID when I format it on my Mac, where it appears to be using software RAID. When I try to use it plugged in to my Synology NAS I get what seems to be a Synology software implementation of RAID-0, which is not at all what I want.
I also had problems with a failing drive on this device that suggests the hardware RAID I thought I was buying is not the case. Anyone have anything concrete here?


Even worse, since I initialized the drive on the NAS, even WD Drive utilities can’t even see it to reset. Basically it’s useless. Hopefully someone has some thoughts, otherwise it’s going in the garbage.

Hi there,

Since you have a Mac computer, have you tried to see if comes up on disk utility or on disk management if you have access to a windows computer?

It shows up in Disk Manager, but you can’t do anything, all attempts to actually do something fail. Anyway, after reviewing the initial failure (one drive failed and the whole device stopped working, NOT how a RAID device is supposed to work) plus the very poor design of the disk removal mechanism I decided the only appropriate place for this thing was in the garbage. Frustrating.