MyBook Studio II for Mac


I have just bought a MyBook Studio II 2TB disk drive in good faith from WD.

I then read the forums and found out that the Drive Manager software doesn’t work with Lion, and doesn’t even work with Snow Leopard. This is pathetic. If you’re no longer supporting this ‘legacy’ product then you should make that clear at all online sources that the product can be purchased from. How am I meant to know that the drive that is advertised on YOUR site no longer works properly?

I even browsed the product page before I bought it and thought it sounded ideal -

I bought the disk to use in Raid configuration 1 to store photographs. Thanks to another user on these forums (BurningChrome) I found this advice for how to change the RAID mode if you are using this drive with Snow Leopard or Lion:

"So far it seems that the Drive Manager, in fact, is not working. But you can start the WD Raid Manager directly out of the Library. It is located in the System library under Application Support. 

The Raid Manager starts perfectly fine and it seems it is working correctly. So under Lion you can monitor your RAID. What I do not know, is if you can manipulate the RAID configuration or if the Manager is crashing then. But as I have only one external HD full with Time Machine Backups I do not intend to try this out :wink:

I started an inquiry at WD because of the missing functionality of the Drive Manager…"

But this is only useful if nothing goes wrong with one of the disks? If one corrupts, how am I meant to know which one to replace? Please Western Digital, tell me how to use this drive?

Dude, if you want WD to answer you how to use that drive on Lion then you’ll have to get in touch with them. So far, there isn’t a single WD drive (internal or external) advertised to work on Lion, like many other companies.

If there is any kind of workaround, then they should know it but I honestly doubt it since they are not officially supporting Lion until they can ensure complete functionality, and that could take a few months or a few days. No one knows.