MyBook Studio II 2TB and Lion


I just purchased a MyBook Studio II 2TB in Raid 0 configuration to use with Lion, FCPx and Motion 5 for my production business. I’ve noticed Motion 5 has been crashing a lot over the last 2 days since I started using the Harddrive. Every 15 minutes or so I’d get the spinning beachball of death. I thought it was a Motion problem until I moved the project files and associated media files on to a Vista PC server with a Raid 0 config that I connect to via gigabyte ethernet. I wanted to see if the crashing continued so I could pin point the issue as software. It turns out that since moving to the PC server the crashing has stopped completely, meaning I’m convinced that the MyBook Studio II is at fault. Is it a harddrive access issue caused by drivers/firmware? Or is the harddrive faulty?

I’ve read on this forum of people having Lion compatibility issues with the WD software, but I wasn’t aware that using the MyBook as a simple data drive would cause a problem. By the way its connected to a late 2008 iMac via firewire 800.

Is there a new driver on the way? I’d downloaded all the latest drivers from this site before using the MyBook. My current firmware version matches the latest one available on this site.

As a second thought i was wondering if I reformatted the MyBook in Lion and used the software raid 0 would it solve any problems? Can I use Lion software raid?



the raid is inherent to the mb studio.  there should be a utility to install to change the raid.  however, how are you connecting the studio to use on the mac? 

It’s connect via FireWire 800 to my iMac.
I’ve returned the mybook to apple. Too many reports of it giving problems for my liking.