MyBook Studio Failing?

Hi, I have a 2 TB My Book Studio, with a Firewire 800 connection.  When the drive is plugged in, any application (including the finder) that attempts to access it crashes (spinning beach ball for multiple hours).

I tried to erase it using Disk Utility (it’s a backup drive, so no loss, but I do need for it to function), and got this error message after 20+ minutes of activity:

“Disk Erase failed with the error: POSIX reports: the operation couldn’t be completed.  Cannot allocate memory.”

I have 8 GB of RAM on my Mac Pro, so I don’t know what to do with a memory error like that.  Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

Hey there, I would recommend you to reset the computer and try to format the drive as shown below, If the issue continues, try formatting the drive in another computer, if after this you are still unable to format the drive then you might need to replace that drive.

Thanks for replying!

“Format the drive as shown below”

Below where?

Diskwarrior and Disk Utility fail to access the drive (see error message in my first post), so the tools I’m aware of do not work to reformat the drive.

It appears the link did not go through but it had the link to partition the drive with Disk Utility and it seems like you already tried and it failed for you.  In that case your drive might need to be replaced.

Thanks again. I’ll try a tech support call before I try a warranty claim.