MyBook Studio Edition with EMTPY (O bytes) files after disk check and "inconsistent" files


I have a “1TB Western Digital MyBook Studio Edition” that I have formated to NTFS filesystem and I use it together with my PC running Win7 64-bit.
At a couple of occasions the MyBook has “hanged” and suddenly not accessable when running it and I could not disconnect it properly from the computer as it just hanged, at that time the whole computer start to hanging/freezing and Windows could then  not close down properly.
I then had to hard shut the power of the Computer.
At at least one of those occasions (I’m not sure if it was with eSata connection or USB) when I after started up the computer it started automatic some kind of “Disk Check” and the PC said that there was something like “inconsistent” files on the MyBook! :-o

After a long time when the disk check was completed I thought that the disk was OK, as it seem to be OK to read from it.

BUT I have now discovered that a LOT OF FILES on the disk is EMPTY! :-o

The files are there, but they are empty (0 bytes). In one folder it can be maybe 1/3 of the files that now suddenly have 0 bytes size (but some of them are OK…)!

The sad things is that there is a lot of avi-files with movies that I have taken with my camera that are empty!
(it’s not only avi-files, some files are OK to read but a lot of files of different file-types are empty).

What have happened?

Is there some way I can save/repair this??

Are there some kind of “lost+found” on the disk where the data might be?

Are there some kind of repair software I can run to save this?

How can I find if there are more files that might are hurt? Right now I have randomly found a bunch of files that are empty (but some are OK) when I scanned the computer for files with 0 bytes.
The only idea I can come up with is to search for empty files on the disk.

What can I do??

Please Help! :-o
Best Regards

You’re probably looking at a corrupted partition.  You can search for data recovery software that might restore files from a corrupted or broken partition.  Otherwise, you will need to delete the partition, and then re-partition and format the drive.  I would try to figure out why it got corrupted, though.

Some causes…

  • Incorrectly formatting it in the first place.  The drive comes out of the box in HFS+ for Macs, if you attempted to right-click on it and format, it may not have formatted it correctly.
  • Bad USB cable.
  • Not safely removing it before disconnecting it.