MyBook Studio Edition II

I have a MyBook Studio Edition II.

It has been working very happily.

However, a couple of weeks ago, there were two power surges on the electricity supply to which it is connected, tripping the circuit breaker.

Since this, it has not been happy: its drives are clicking away as usual, but with its white tardis lights (with their upward & downward movement) coming on only sporadically.

I have pressed the reset button and got the two static lights confirming that the command has been accepted, but, after another week of waiting, the unit has not recovered.

Has it died, or is there anything I can do/not do to revive it?  

I’ve been very happy with it and would happy buy the updated version (whatever that is - confusing - I think it’s a MyCloud EX2 of something).

Hi there and welcome to the WD community.

Have you tried power cycling the unit, this might help if you have not tried it, just press the power button on the back for a couple of seconds and the unit will do a shutdown and see what happens. Hope this helps. 

Dear Moderator,

Many thanks - I have done as you suggested - it has shown all its 4 lights in turn and then shut down.

I shall see if this revives the unit and flag the response as requested if appropriate.

I ought to say that I shall not be at all offended if I need to buy a new one.  It’s a great product and WD Support has been excellent: on one Support telephone call, someone from WD spent 2 hours sorting out a mapping problem.

Honestly, that’s not time wasted - it makes me come back and buy another one.

Best regards,

DUBS 2003.

Please keep us posted on your case, I used to have one myself its a pretty good unit.

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Dear Moderator,

Many thanks for your reply.

I’m afriad that turning it off and on has produced the same, only fitful and occasional, white LED lights.

I fear es ist kaputt!

Best regards,

DUSB 2003.

What type of patern are the led lights doing right now? Going up and down or blinking every second? check this link ad let me know the indicator:

They are following their usual pattern but irregularly, every hour or so, outside which they are off but disk activity continues…

Could you also try to connect the power on a different power plug ? if its connected to a power surge protector you can try connecting it directly to the wall outlet.

Worth a try - this is the 6th restart/recycle - I’m not hopeful…

Yep - same happened again - white light comes on (just the bottom quarter) then all lights go off - disk whirring continues - but boot up stops…