MyBook Studio Edition II RAID & drive replacement capabilities


I would like to store my photos and important data more savely on an external device - therefore i’m currently looking for an external harddisk case that supports RAID1.

Comparing to the prices for most RAID capable disk cases + 2 harddisks, the MyBook Studio Edition II that comes with two disks already installed and offering RAID seems to outperform all of them pricewise.

Before I purchase the drive, i’d like to ask about some of it’s capabilities (i’m getting a little bit paranoid regarding data safety, since i already had many failing disks and then headaches with data recovery):

  1. the disk is marketed for use with Mac. I intend to use it on a PC and the disk shall operate in RAID1 mode. how will this RAID functionallity be exposed to the PC? how will I be warned in case of one of the two disks failing?

  2. Are the internal disks SATA disks that could be directly connected to the computer by a SATA cable to access the data?

  3. I intend to buy the 2TB version (1TB usable in RAID 1). Let’s say in two or three years (when one of the disks is failing) i’d like to replace both internal disks by new one. Will that be possible? Wikipedia says:

"The two drives can be replaced by the user   , but the documentation states that ‘Only WD Caviar GP hard drive assemblies can be inserted into the My Book Studio Edition II or Mirror Edition enclosure.’ "

My qustion is - does the internal controller teoretically support any WD disk that physically fits in? will it be possible to put larger disks into it? Or let’s reword the question: can the MyBook Studio Edition II or Mirror Edition enclosure be used in a similar way as an external harddisk case with RAID capability?

thanks for the info!