MyBook Studio 1TB shows in Disk Utility but won't mount


Yesterday my 1TB My Book Studio disappeared off my desktop, and wouldn’t respond to Disk Utility Verify or Repair.

Now though Disk Utility has apparently successfully repaired the disk, but it won’t mount.

The message reads " the volume My Book 1TB appears to be OK"

I’m using a 2008/9 iMac with os x 10.8.5 and everything had been working OK.

The light on the front of the drive is “breathing”.

Other drives are daisy chained with it and working fine.

Any ideas about how to get it mounted again would be appreciated.



Just for troubleshooting purposes remove the daisy chained drives and try the drive by itself.

If possible try another computer and another USB cable. Also make sure the drive is plugged in directly into a wall outlet. Avoid any extension cord, Surge protector or power strip.