MyBook stopped reading

I have 2 MyBooks a 4tb and an 8tb, my 4 still is running fine, but when i rebooted today, my 8TB (WD MyBook 25EE) will no longer read

The drive:
-powers up and spins
-is given a drive letter
-is recognized by the device manager and says it is functioning correctly on the properties window
-"pass"es on the WD Data LifeGuard Diagnostic as a Physical Drive

The drive does not:
-load contents in Windows Explorer
-show up on the Logical Drive list of WD Data LifeGuard Diagnostic

I run Win 10 pro 64bit. This drive was functioning 100% fine till last night. I CANNOT lose all the data i have stored on this drive, its everything I have. All my data all my websites, everything.


Hi Dark1,

Is the drive showing up in the disk management.

No Disk Management hangs completely when the drive is plugged in just like Windows Explorer
I have since unplugged the drive and left it unplugged I’m having this horrible feeling I will have to try and get the data recovered