MyBook showing incorrectly full

Windows 7. SmartWare version 2.3.

I’ve been using MyBook to back up my laptop for over a year. Today I noticed that it wasn’t automatically backing up my files as it used to. When I checked the MyBook external drive it was reading as full, 999GB. My laptop doesn’t even have half that capacity. I can’t find any “extra” files on the external drive tat could account for all this extra storage. I don’t know why it is reporting full when I have only about 50GB set for back up.

Should I format the external and re-backup? Any ideas appreciated.



Check on the settings of the software, you should have an option that says (File History) see how many copies of the same file you have on the drive. It could be that you have multiple copies of the same backup.

Please see page 63 of the user manual.