Mybook prob

Hi there

a couple of years ago (2-3) we bought a 1tb Mybook home… It is still under warranty but the outer PLASTIC case has a TON of scratches…

around 4 months ago it fell from around a foot high, and the outer plastic case popped open. I put it back together but i forgot to put the plastic peice that reflects the light to show how much space is left

Please note that the HDD was working JUST fine - no probs whatsoever

A week ago i decided to open up the plastic case again, and put the light back together

I opened the case, unpluggged the sata connector which has the USB, and power ports, and put everything back together

Since then it refuses to start…

Power cable seems fine- i tried multiple (working) usb cables… I also tried multiple computers

Now when i have the HDD OUT of the plastic case, with the bare sata connecor plugged in. I connect power- and immidietly i can hear and feel the HDD spinning - not loud - no clicks - a lil quiter then normal - but nothing happens if i connect a usb cable… The lights do NOT turn on on the sata connector

What makes me think that the HDD itself is fine is that it is spinning…

i dont have any other 3.5inch drive from which i can borrow a sata connector

I have a ton of files on there that will take me months to redownload… really hope i can atleast get the files back.


Just to let you know, removing the drive out of the enclosure voids the warranty immediately. In regards to the data, you can try connecting the drive into the computer or use a external enclosure to retrieve the data.