MyBook Pro 8 TB RAID 1 Failure

After cleaning up some files on my drive I suddenly got a message that my device had RAID configuration issues. After I shut it down, unplugged the TBolt2 cable, plugged in the USB3 cable and started it back up, I ran the WD Drive Utilities.

The message " RAID Status - Degraded" RAID is degraded because only one drive is working. Drive 2 Status - Failed. Drive failed. Replace this drive immediately.

I bought this system to avoid this kind of thing. I just purchased it in early January 2016. It had less than 500 GB of data on it. I was running RAID 1 to mirror the 4TB drives to store photos, audio files, key financial files, etc.

This is so frustrating. For years I only had 1 hard drive failure with standard devices. I finally pony up and buy “enterprise” grade hardware and it doesn’t last 60 days?

Anyone have any ideas or do I just have to remove, ship, wait, and start all over again?


Bear in mind RAID is a fault-tolerance mechanism in case of an individual hard drive failure. It is not a “backup” per se even in RAID 1 (Mirror) mode since it does not protect from data corruption or controller (Enclosure) failures.

If an individual hard drive fails in RAID 1 you should still be able to access your data. WD Support is able to replace the individual faulty drive for free.