MyBook Premium 500g with WD5000AAKS-00TMA0

I have a MyBook Premium 500 Gb, which for some odd reason didn’t show up anymore on my system.

The HDD worked fine for about 2 years and has almost never been powered down, due to my 24/7 system.

But at some point the HDD wasn’t recognized to my system anymore and I tried to restart it over and over again.

It didn’t make any LOUD noises, just a few TINY rattle-clicks (not like hanging, more like the bootup sequence when you first startup your PC system), but was not recognized by my system.

Now I had the 750g before and recently a 1 Tb version as well and with the 750 and 1tb version, sometimes this happened too; by simply turning off and on of the power (either by my external powersupply-box that has an off/on switch, or by removing the power-cord that mounts into the MyBook) I regained access to the 750 and 1tb.

However, the 500 never did that.

I bought the HDD in 2007 and read in the warranty that I had 3 years TOPS of warranty (in general cases it’s 1 to 2 years). And guess what… my warranty just passed by 2 weeks! How frustrating is that.

Anyway, I decided to remove the internal HDD from the MyBook, which was a WD5000AAKS-00TMA0. Knowing I had no warranty on the MyBook anyways and hoped that by inserting the HDD into an S-ATA Docking Station, I would be able to access the data on it and restore what is on it. (The birth video and photos of my daughter and other content that I had stored/archived, as the box described the MyBook was very suitable for)

But…even in the docking station, the HDD made the same little noises for like 15 seconds to not do anything afterwards.

By that I mean, it didn’t make any more noises but also was not shown up after I rebooted my PC system.

Now, my guess is that there’s no head-problems in the HDD, but something is withholding access to my PC.

My internal and external S-ATA connectors work fine, since I have other WD Products in my system that use S-ATA and work just fine.

Does anyone have an idea, what might be the cause/problem and the solution to get the data retrieved, without having to spend 1000 Euros or more, with a proffesional data recovery service, for a HDD which costed less than 200 ?