MyBook Powers up but not recognized by PC

I bought this drive of off ebay ( model # wd50000h1cs-00)  Came with power adaptor.  I plugged it in, white bar lights up on front of unit.  Plugged in USB cable to my Windows 7 machine, and the OS is not picking up the drive.  Then tried on another PC, same issue.  I see there is some sort of power button(?) on the back, but does not appear to do anything.  Any clues?



If this is a drive that has Smartware I think the button only works if it is installed. Look in Disk Management and see if the drive is shown there it may just need a letter assigned to it.


OK, I downloaded the drive manager, and I see it found USB drivers.  However, I still don’t see the drive.  This was originally formated for a Mac.  How do I re-format the drive to work in WIndows?  All the driver manager software did is show a status icon on the task bar.  Is there some other software  I need to download?


See if this helps


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I got it working. Thanks.