MyBook only works with WD drives?

I opened up my MyBook to swap out the internal WD drive that came with it for a bigger Hitachi drive. When I reassembled it and plugged it in, it wouldn’t mount (in either Finder or Disk Utility). I tested the Hitachi separately, and it worked fine. Then I put the original WD drive back in, and the MyBook enclosure works again. Do MyBooks only work with WD drives?!



It may just be the capacity limited with the old firmware.

That is why the bigger drive may not be seen.

You can try download the firmware update, it might solve the problem.

Click on the link below then pick your drive and go from there

Installed the firmware update, no dice.

The only place I can get the Mac to even see that something’s attached is System Profiler.

Have you create a partition and format your new drive yet?

Do it under the Disk Utility:

Create 1 partition under Volume Scheme

Choose Apple File Partition Map under Options

Click Apply to format the drive.

After that your new drive icon should appear on desktop.

As I said, Disk Utility doesn’t see the drive at all.

Good luck with this. WD just ■■■■■ is my opinion.