MyBook (older version)

Hi everyone.
I got a WD external HD from my son. He is using the Cloud.
What I need help with is removing all the current files on this HD so that it is clean to add my files I want to save. Can anyone of you give me simple step by steps to get this done?
Also, do I need to use the disc to add the software for this HD?
I am not to familiar with this external HD storage, but I think it might be a good thing.
Any help will be more than appreciated.


just format it. either via Windows Format or WD’s Quick Formatter Software


  thanks for the reply. One other question:

  when I attempt to reformat this HD is there any chance that files

on my computer hd will be erased?

  just making sure.



Windows won’t let you format a Operating System (C:) hard drive … but if you have it partitioned into multiple partitions eg. (E:), (F:), (G), (H:) etc etc

When performing a format, choose the correct letter for the partition on the hard drive you wish to format.

When Using External Hard Drives …

Windows assigns it a letter. eg. (E:), (F:), (G), (H:) etc etc Which to you see in Windows file explorer … and it might also have a name eg. (E:) MYBOOK (it could be anything, since anyone can name it whatever they like)

Remember this Letter .

And when performing a format, choose the correct letter for the hard drive you wish to format.

click start and in the run command diskmgmt.msc to open disk management

now select ONLY the correct hard drive and with right click select format