MyBook not showing file storage folder after unsafe ejection


Earlier today I tried to safely remove the MyBook from my Windows10 PC, with the OS telling me it was safe to remove. I think i must have not cleanly removed the cable because, for whatever reason, I saw red flashes from both Disk 1 and 2. I immediately remounted the MyBook, windows attempted (and apparently succeeded) to error check and fix the drive). However now when I go into the drive i can no longer see the folder I used to see containing all my backups, instead it has been replaced by a WD SmartWare.swstor file, reading 0KB.

Launching SmartWare, it is still registering as fully backed up, and the properties of the drive read the same amount of data storage as before the problem.

How can I get to all my files?

Best wishes,

By the way, if I cannot get at the data, it is not a huge problem as I still have all the original files on my laptop. But I do want the system to go back to working as before. Should I do a factory reset and then back up again? I think the drives inside are still alright because the MyBook mounts without trouble and QuickView says the RAID status is ‘Healthy’.


Can you share the model of your My Book drive?