MyBook Not Recognized

I have a 2TB MyBook connecting to a Windows 10 laptop. This drive and only this drive never shows up in Windows Explorer, nor Device Manager, when I connect it. However, when I connect it to a different USB port on the same laptop it immediately shows up. Also, it is the only device that does not show up when connected to the USB port. Every other external disk shows up on the USB that the MyBook does not show up on.

Any help?

You should try to check after updating the Windows and its driver. If issue still persists, you can contact laptop manufacturer about this.

Yeah, no. It doesn’t show on other USB 3.0 ports on other computers either. Works fine in USB 2.0 ports. Cables changed out, computers changed, A multitude of other devices work with no issues on the USB 3.0 ports. But this one MyBook never shows up. Definitely a WD issue. Just search on this forum for USB 3 not recognized. There are cases going back 8 years. Seems pretty obvious to me that this is an epidemic.