MyBook not recognized on esata port


I have MyBook model WD5000H1CS-00 which is not recognized on the esata port.

Firewire and USB work fine.

I’m running XP 64 bit. WHat do I need to get my system to recognize the esata port on this drive?


In my case the following helped; Goto Power Options-> Change Power Plan Settings → Chabge Advanced Power Settings →

  • Hard Disk → Turh Off Hard Disk after → on battery and plugged in: ← NEVER.
  • USB: Selective Suspend Setting-> on battery and plugged in: ← NEVER

Hope that this helps you…

Sorry. The advice was for WIndows 7.

I am not sure if 64 bit OS is supported by this drive. I guess that WD didn’t test it in 64bit environment. Anyway, try downloading the most recent driver fo your eSATA controller. In my case it helped (the drive is recognized), but unfortunately other problems emerged.