MyBook Not Appearing On My Monitor But Looks Like It Is Working

I have had this MyBook on this computer for some months and it been working good. Its icon appears in the task tray and when I click its icon the backup program opens on my monitor. I reinstalled Win7 using a upgrade disk. The instillation is not actually a upgrade but a way of reinstalling the Win7 without loosing any info. The instillation worked good. All programs are workinh ok but when I click the MyBook icon in te task bar it looks like it is starting but it never appears on my monitor. The drive is present in Computer and in Windows Explorer. How do I open it?

Hello there,

Try to go to disk management see if the drive shows up there, you can get there by right clicking on computer and then going to manage, then if you see the My Book there right click on it and you should be able to see an option to open, hope this helps.