Mybook mirror 2tb...I want to use it with a new laptop


I have a 2TB Mybook Mirror edition hard drive that I was using with my desktop computer. I’m getting rid of that computer and I have a new laptop that I wish to use with the HD instead. How can I delete the old data and use it with my new desktop?

Thanks in advance for any help

If you wish to delete all the data from the drive and have a new start, you can always format the drive:,209,231/session/L3RpbWUvMTMwMTg1OTY2OC9zaWQvaHQ0bWVBcWs%3D

After formatting the drive, this will delete all data, including the software, you can re-download all bundled software for this drive

OK, I’m not that savy maybe but which software would I download…the MyBook Mirror edition firmware update for windows AND the WD anywhere backup software for windows?

Is that everything I would need to be back at the brand new starting point?



The WD Logo Icon, you can put that in the external drive, the other two you need to install it in your computer.

Thankyou very much!


When I try to install the software from my install CD, the buttons that say “accept” or “not accept” are blank, there’s no text. Am I to understand that means this drive isn’t compatible with Windows 7?


Update your computer flash player and download the application from the WD website.

Drive is compatible with Win7, CD is not . WD has updated both software’s for Win 7 and you can get them under restricted downloads. You’ll need to register the drive if you haven’t to get the restricted download option under the registered products.