MyBook may have died HELP

I have had a myBook Essential for several years now and until recently it has worked well for me. I couple of days ago I got a warning about bad sectors and a prompt to scan them and fox them from windows. I said ok and let the scan run for over two days before I determined that it was frozen. The 320GB drive is almost completely full by the way. I did not however quit the scan in the hope that it might pick up again but over night windows updated and restarted my computer. Now the drive won’t show up in windows explorer.

I had hoped that installing the drive internally would solve the problem and since my warranty has long been expired I didn’t mind popping the case open. Now when I start my computer I get the USB device installation prompt and that indicates that everything checks out but I still can’t access the drive through windows. The bios knows there is something plugged in but it does not know what it is and disk manager does not show a partition on the drive, though I haven’t been prompted to format the drive.

I really want the data back, it has all my music/movies/tv shows on it. Please help.