Mybook Live

I jsut bought the Mybook live 2tb.

After I move files to the drive, can I delete them from my mac? Also, if i move itunes application over, will all the music still be within the app? 

I am pretty new to this sort of thing… What does everyone suggest? I have a macbook air so I dont have a lot of storage space on this thing.

Also, how do i get it to work with ipad and iphone?


You can delete the files from the computer once on the drive

the drive will be your only storage and you will not have a backup in the event of failure

getting itunes to the drive will work as well… most user’s only have the iTunes server and leave the application on the computer to read the files from the drive

For remote connection with your iPhone/iPad you will use WD 2go

please check this links 

iTunes Server

WD 2go