MyBook Live will not connect network computers to create a Safepoint on iMac with OSX

Continuing the discussion from Safepoint Creating-Unavailable Username/P/W:

Continuing the discussion from My Book Live/Create Safepoint/Discover devices/GEOFF-PC/username and password?:

The same situation occurs with Mac OSX for the past 4 -5 years and give up in frustration each time. No matter what pwd or username I put in, the system will not recognize it. Although safe point will recognize the two computers on the network, I cannot access them with any of the user names under which they are administered, nor with any of the user names and/or pwd for the MyBook Live. I see this problem goes back to 2012. Has any-one found a cure?

Even if you know the correct username and password for your system, if your computer is not configured to allow external connections then they will be rejected. This applies to both Windows and Mac.

For testing purposes, can you share files or target specific folders between your 2 computers across your network?

Hi - Sorry for the delayed response, but yes I can transfer files freely between the computers connected to the network.