MyBook Live wants to remove file properties during file copy

I’m trying to run a setup.exe file to install a program that I copied over my home network from my laptop to my MyBookLive external hard drive. During the copy process I got the following message:

“Are you sure you want to copy this file without its properties? The file setup.exe has properties that can’t be copied to the new location.”

When I click "Yes’ and then try to run the exe file from the WD external drive, I get the following error message:

“ShellExecuteEx failed; Code 87. The parameter is incorrect.”

If I copy the same file to the hard drive of my desktop computer over the network and run it from there, it runs fine and I can do the program install.

Why does copying the file to my external drive strip properties from the file that disables the file from running? 

Windows 8?

Yes, Windows 8.1 x64

I don’t know what causes it, but if you google that error message, you’ll see lots of people complaining about the same with all sorts of NAS vendors (not just WD.)

There appears to be a registry tweak that fixes it.

I’ve spent a great deal of time googling this and haven’t seen a registry fix for it. If you know of something, could you please provide the link here? Thanks.