MyBook Live wakes from sleep when accessed by wd2go - even when remote access disabled

With wd2go/wdpictures  on a mobile device and remote access disabled on the MBL - the MBL will wake from sleep to report to wd2go/wdpictures that the drive is unavailable.  If remote access is disabled - either temporarily or permanently - shouldn’t the drive store this fact in RAM (as it does when FTP is disabled) to report to the remote client that the drive is unavailable - rather than having to spin up the drive to determine that remote access is disabled?  I did not test whether remote web access will wake the drive when remote access is disabled - I am assuming that it will behave the same as wd2go/wdpictures. 

Did you ever find out why this is happening?

No - not yet.  About to test again this weekend.  Was focusing on the drive waking every 30 minutes when there is a share mounted via AFP to a Mac.