MyBook Live vs MyCloud

Hey y’all. New to the forums, glad to be here :slight_smile:

Last year I purchased a WD MyBook Live 3TB to use for personal storage and as a media server. At the time I decided that when I could afford it, I’d buy another identical MBL to use for auto-backups.

I’m ready to buy that second drive now but MBL seems to be off the market and has been replaced with MyCloud. Can I use a 3TB MyCloud to do auto-backups of a 3TB MBL? And if so, would there be any benefit to using the MyCloud as my “primary” drive, and switching the MBL to the backup role?

Thanks for your help!

The My Cloud is three years newer – It’s much faster,  has newer DLNA server and enhanced mobile app functions.

So I’d go the other way and make the My Cloud the primary, and the MBL the backup.

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