MyBook Live very slow on Mac


I’ve a MyBook Live connected to my router.

I’m using an iMac (OSX 10.9.1) and everything works fine until I put into the MyBook Live 16GB of folders and files (about 6000 folders with other files/subfolders inside).

Now the disk is impossible to use from the Mac because opening folders takes minutes and indexing files too.

From Windows everithing works fine without slowdowns.

I also tried to change the connection protocol (smb:// cifs:// afp://) but nothing changes…

How can I solve my problem? Now it’s unusable…


I have exactly the same problem. Just got my Mybook Live  and after setting it up properly, the disk hardly respond with my Macbook. I tried to transfer 1 TB of music but after 24 hours and 45gb i disconnected it. Now my disc is filled up with temporary-files and when i try to erase them the pinwheel just starts and hardly ever stops.

:cry: Anybody have solved this problem? It seems to be a common problem for Mac users

Try connecting via SMB instead of AFP.

Yes, nothing changed…

Maybe the Finder does something (for example load some files info) that could make slow the loading?

Did it start when upgrading to 10.9.x? 

I am running 10.8.5 without any issues.

Hi, I don’t know because i put the 16gb of files only last week, and Mac was alredy updated

I also tried to connect the MBL directly to the mac via ethernet cable, but nothing changes, always slow! Also disabling spotlight.

I can’t beleive that nobody have my problem! :confounded:

Times out on Win XP too.


I get the warning “Program Not Responding” then a couple seconds later the folder will display. From a Win 7 or 8 machine no problems…and actually the same PC 3 different OS’s (I have a swapable drive tray). I think it’s some setting in Win XP that I haven’t found or the drive is confuesed as to WHO IS accessing it because my network doesn’t seem to be able to deal with the same IP/MAC ID from 3 different OS’s.


If I shut down the PC from Win 7, switch to Win XP and boot right up for about 30 minutes the network still sees BOTH network PCs.I can’t access any Windows PC shares until the previous machine has been removed from the network. I’m sure this is a security thing but I don’t KNOW it is. But anyway, it’s not just you Mac guys getting slow access to the MBL. Some of us Windowz guys get it too :slight_smile:



I found a workaround. I’ts not a solution but it’s acceptable: FTP protocol.

If other wated to try my way, here the steps:

  • Enable FTP on MBL settings
  • Connect to your MBL via FTP from Finder -> ftp://ipaddress

This can partial solve the problem, because Finder allow you to only read and not write.

I wanted to mount the disk on Finder, so I avoid an FTP client. Then i try this app but the folder listing was slower than the Finder FTP connection (sam as  AFP or SMB connection).

The solution come with Transmit FTP client that allow you to mount as a disk an FTP connection: perfect, folder listing is faster and the device is visible from the finder as a simple device.

To complete the work I create a simple app with AppleScript in order to mount the FTP connection on login (if someone want it I can post the code).

I have had the same problem ever since I got my iMac a year ago.  It has been almost unusable, taking several minutes just to open a folder.  Apple tell me the MBL needs reformatting for Apple, WD tell me it has its own operating system and should rtead / write equally well with Windows and Mac - but it doesn’t actually work!

Windows 7 connects better than the Mac but still not very reliable.  

WD have recently sent me a replacement MBL (Duo in my case) but I am having major problems getting my data off the old one before sending it back.  I cannot create a safepoiint on another drive, and I have had computers running night and day to copy data off while transfer speeds are unbelievably slow - even with a brand new iMac with 16 GB RAM. 

Really if WD cannot resolve this problem we have to accept the MBL is not fit for purpose.

If you are having issues with wireless, wired, macs and Win7, I would start looking at the router/switch.

I have an iMac and have no issues at all like the ones posted in this thread.  However, that hasn’t always been the case.  I route my MBL through the new Time Capsule which as you know incorporates a very good router.  I use a modem set in bridge mode as a gateway to the Internet with the Airport Extreme acting as full router.  My throughput to the MBL is now very good indeed e.g… an 85 gig file takes around 25 to 30 minutes.

  1. Open Finder

  2. Choose Go / Connect to server

  3. type cifs:// plus .local (like cifs://mybooklive.local)

  4. Input name and password of mybooklive or select guest

  5. Select Volumes (mostly all of them)

  6. Close Finder windows of each volume (Finder opens a window for each volume?)

  7. In your main drive (Macintosh HD) under Shared you will find the new Server

  8. Click on it and you have (fast) access to mybooklive.