MyBook live uploading to internet every day?

I don’t have any cloud services set up or enabled, I’m using my MyBook live totally locally. I got a new router that maintains traffic statistics, and it shows that the MyBookLive is uploading 9.5mb every day to the internet. It’s very consistent and shows about 400K “uploaded” every hour. The packets seem to be sent to port 1900, so perhaps this is just some uPnP function that the MyBook does even when no cloud services are in use?

Hi there,

Perhaps this might be related only to the local network and not remote connections, seems to be that port 1900 has to do with uPnP. is (according to Wikipedia) SSDP IPv4 multicast address. UPnP use address and port 1900. A reasonable router wold not route those packets beyond your local network. 400K every hour doesn’t sound like a huge amount of data, but it isn’t very productive, either. However, the Windows “Network Discovery” function uses SSDP. If you are in a Windows environment you need this function for Windows to “see” your NAS devices.

I think the way things are configured my router is reporting these as uploads, but that particular router is in bridge mode, so its just reporting that the traffic is being sent from the MyBook to other parts of the network. As @pokeefe suggests, this isn’t really a lot of data, just a few packets every minute. Thanks.