Mybook live unable to access folders

I am unable to access the folders on MYBOOKLIVE.
I can see them on the network but am told network name not found.

I have tried accessing the folders from Win 10, IOS and chrome book without sucess.
The mybooklive UI shows the folders and reports that I have used 1,5tb of my 3.
I have searched the internet for a solution but nothing works.
I have reset the mybooklive and the light is, and was a steady green.

I am stumped can anyone suggest a solution?

Worst still my photo collection is on it!!


Older devices use SMB1 … SMB1 is disabled in Windows 10

try re-enabling it ?

Yes tried that, experience says that when something goes wrong its usually a Microsoft “upgrade” however as I cannot access the drive via IOS and chrome book tends to suggest it is the Livebook.

However thanks for the pointer!