Mybook live twonky help

ok here is the deal bought a mybook live  for the twonky app!

after noticing wd is offering 0 updates or help on the twonky subject (sorry sir twonky is a 2nd party licence you need to contact packet video) packet video is responding for support you need to update to the latest cause we dont offer support for old versions!   very nice i never felt so out in the cold regarding a purchase ! thinkin that wd was a respecful compagnie boy was i wrong !!!

now my pile of rubish (my book live twonky) is not showing on any dlna device (after lookin its says on the box dlna certified!

xbox360,sony b luray,sony smp100 smp200 samsung tv twonky beam on iphone sharp aquos tv  are not showing my media server but  my good old serviio is on all devices !    

the service is enabled,been rescaned,rebult! what in the world is wrong everytime i call wd they resort to restoring i dont have 45hrs every 2 months to back up files from a drive that is designed to be the back up dump    really i hope a guy from wd has answers cause phone support is much like this product a big ZERO

o and by the way update twonky i feel like im on the beta8 era this product is barely 5 months old and its feels older than my grandma!

all im seeing is factory restore !

i will need to by another 2 tb hd cause mine is well over 1,5 used up

really ironic i need to buy a hd to back up my hd backup!

western digital you are champions please do us a favor and go build paper planes or some s h  i t  cause you cost me enough time and money

called in today again same s h i t  yout need to fctory restore drive

the [Deleted] thing dies every 3 months takes 2 days to backup and 2 days to reload data cause they cant

take responsibility on twonky licence issue and suppot load us up with a firmaware containig open source dlna software

wont be worst than having a big fat piece of  S H I T