MyBook Live Squeeze to Lenny? Alt. Original state

Hello community!

I have a MyBook Live which i am happy with! However I like things to be up-to-date as much as possible and to my geekish nature I was in the ssh trying to get the lastet OS.

I did not realize (stupidly) that MyBook runs via Lenny 5.0 Stable. I am now afraid i have accidently upgraded to Squeeze(Always wanted to stay with Lenny) and in the process “messed” something up. I realize and know that certain products are not to be tampered with, I however didn’t think of this as I tamper with everything I buy (including smartphones, programs etc. :)).

What is the most direct route to get it back to it’s old condition as I did not realize that WD had modified it so much! (for example the network mapping via wd2go does not work anymore).

Bricked? No it is not bricked yet as I can still access SSH. I did however do back-up of the original system files.

Other info I back up my fields always before I fiddle!


SDA1_IMA. bz2

SDA2_IMA. bz2 

You really have ventured into the deepest darkets realms of the Twilightzone. You need a Unix gurui that does not have a girlfriend but sleeps with his Unix/Linux box by his (or her!) side.

I’ll poke someone to have a look at this thread.

I am rather new to MyBookLive and not that familiar with the applications that run on it, however, I thought using the Factory Restore was an option that brought it back to “as delivered” status.  Have you tried that?