MyBook Live Receiving No Power :S

I recently went to access my drive and received the following error message: An error occurred while reconnecting to Z: to \MyBookLive\Public Microsoft Windows Network: The network path was not found. This connection has not been restored. I went to check the drive and realised that it was not powered on as I could not hear the drives spinning and also there was no LED light lit on the front, green or otherwise. I have tried unplugging the drive for extended periods of time and plugging back in, I have tried different power outlets but nothing has worked to get the drive working again. Is the drive broken? Or is this a common problem that can be fixed? Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks Chris Bull

I doubt it’s the drive, it’s more likely the power brick.   If you take the original P/S and drive to Radio Shack, they can equip you with a universal P/S with the correct tip, and test it in the store to make sure it powers up.

If it does not, then it probably would be a dead drive…

What is the V and A power output of the MyBook Live’s PSU?  (I don’t want to turn mine off to find out.)