Mybook live real time access via live hub

I have a mybooklive 3tb hard drive and a wdtv livehub 1tb.  I gather info on my laptop and transfer it to my 3tb hard drive and use the livehub to “access” the 3tb and display it on the TV. Many times that I have reorganized some of my files or add new ones from my laptop top they don’t pull up properly via the live hub.  When I access the hard drive on the laptop everything is where I want it but via the live hub nothing changes.  How can I fix that so when I change something on the 3tb hard drive via the laptop it recognizes that via the live hub? I hope what I explained makes sense.

I’m not a “techy” person so please try to explain this stuff to me like I’m a 5 yr old.  Thanks

You’re in the wrong forum.

This forum is for the WDTV Live Streaming Media Player.

The forum for the Hub is here:

But to answer your question, you must force the media library to recompile by rebooting the box.

Thanks.  What box?  The hub? I haven’t tried power cycling it but that’s gonna be a pain in the butt to do everytime.  I’ve turned it on an off a dozen times today but nothing. Sometimes it will sync and sometimes not.  I’ve had to “force sync” it before but have no idea how I was able to do that.  Its strange that sometimes it will sync and sometimes not.  Thanks again

Yes, the Hub.  Turning it “off” usually means STANDBY.  

You can do a power cycle by holding down the remote button for 3 seconds or longer to turn it off.