MyBook Live questions


I would appreciate any help on this issues:

  1. I have created 2 shares, them I have mapped them, the default public folder shows 2,71tb fine, but the 2 shares I have created, they seem to have 50GB free from 111GB. How is it? How can those shares have 111GB each if I did not specify any value?

  2. At the WD Smartware I can see that the drive is using 2.7GB of additional files, what additional files?

  3. At WD Smartware I dont have the option to password protect the drive, maybe I missed during the installation, how can I now add a password? when I click “Setup Drive” as explained in the manual it opens the web browser with the drive webpage

  4. Ony on one share I have a folder called .access_conf , can this folder and files inside be deleted?

  5. The Smartware, is trying to read from my floppy drive all the time, it’s anoying the noise, if it is not the Smartware it most be a WD software that I have installed, any idea how to stop this noise?

Thank you

  1. Try reading the WebDAV FAQ:

  1.  Password protecting the MBL is done ON the MBL, that’s why Smartware is redirecting you to the MBL webpage.

  2. Floppy disk?  Really?  Hadn’t seen one of those in years.  :)