MyBook Live preventing Vista Pc going to Sleep

I have just installed a 2TB MyBook Live on my home network. Since doing this my vista based HP Pavillion laptop will not go to sleep. It hans and I have to press off button to force it to shut down then reboot the PC. If I disconnect the WD MBL and reboot my PC enters sleep and restates ok. I have checked the device in (Device Manager/Disc Drives). The WD MBL is disposed. On the intial Proprties tab it indicates no drivers are installed, however on the Driver tab details of a driver are presented. Ihave tried to update the drivers but windows believes they are up to date. I have also tried to remove the device from within the Disc Drive definition, but if I try to either Disable or Uninstall the drive Windows just appears to hang for a considerable time. Can anyone help

Hi there, what if you turn off the MBL on the dashboard before shutting down the computer?

Also, the Mionet service used to cause that situation on the MBW so it can happen on the MBL as well, when if you kill all processes related to the MBL and Mionet before shutting down?