MyBook Live preventing Media Centre from going to sleep

I have just bought a MyBook Live and connected it to my home network of 2 laptops and one Media Centre PC. I have set up various shares and configure Media Centre to use the the shares for various media types.

Since doing so my Media Centre will no longer idle to sleep. If I press the power button it will go to sleep, but once it wakes up to record something it will not go back to sleep by its self.

if I unplug the NAS from the network it does then drop off, so It is defiantly this causing the problem. how can I get around this? is there some setting in Windows or on the MyBook that could be causing this?

oh, I am running Windows 7 64bit.

Thanks in advance, any help is welcome.

Jummmm, insteresting :o :open_mouth: :O… Go to device manager and verify if the My book is in there… Right click on ‘‘Computer’’, select manage and on the left side click on device manager… on the right side look for the WD Drive…If it is in there… let me know :)…