MyBook Live NAS drives conflicting/slow/busy

I bought a pair of 3TB MyBook Live NAS drives and plugged them into a GigaBit switch in my Mac environment.

I upgraded the firmware, changed the IP to static and then waited. And waited. And waited.

Everything ground to a crawl and one drive wouldn’t stop spinning (even two days later).

The issue, if you’ve got this problem, was the Twonky app in the Settings/Media tab (enabled by default).

I turned it off  and everything’s back to normal. Mind you I had to uplug one drive while I changed the setting on the second.

So it would appear two Twonky’s on the same network is a recipe for disaster.

Hope this helps.

Did you give your MBLs unique device names in the setup? If not, then that’s problematic.

Yup. Unique device names. Unique IPs.

Anyone else had problems with multiple WD NAS drives on the same network?

UPDATE: Turns out Twonky was the main or only culprit.

I turned off Remote Access and everything seems to be back to normal. Apparently Remote Access (which provides access to the drive from outside your LAN) causes the drive to start building thumbnails of the drive’s contents (images). After a week of building thumbnails for 364 GB, it still wasn’t done and made the drive unusable. I can’t imagine how long it would take to process a full 3TB drive…

So, turn off Remote Access if you don’t need to see your files when you’re on the road.  I’d use LogMeIn for that anyway. (You can keep the iTunes server running inside your local network).