Mybook live instllation/ui problems

i bought 2 1Tb mybook live HD, one for me and one for my sister. i wanted to be able to use access the drive through my xbox and computers at other locations. I installed my sisters device and it works perfectly. when i tried to install the drive on my laptop i found that, my disk drive was broken so i downloaded the image file of the cd and tried to install that way. everything seemed to go okay, discovery and installation of the smartware but when i tried to access the user interface i get a web page not found error. i can happily transfer to and from the HD using the folder on my desktop or folders in my computer, i can view and access the HD in my network and can stream from twonky on my xbox. if i can’t access the UI i cant register to access my cloud from outside my network and i also can’t set up users which is something i’d like. i tried using the disk on my pc and i have the same issue. IE address bar goes to a local ip when trying to connect which i can ping successsfully, so i tried googlechrome and firefox and i get similar errors

LAPTOP vista pro, PC XP, Router sky (lists mybook live as connected device)

Any advice would be appreciated

Make sure you are using the default browser when going to the dashboard.

Try //mybooklive/ui

or go in to network places > right click on my book live and select go to device webpage