MyBook Live Duo to MacBook Pro - very slow music streaming

Hi, I am using my MyBook Live Duo as a music storage device to free up disk space on my MBP. I have the Live Duo connected via ethernet cable directly into my MBP with a thunderbolt adapter at the Mac end. I play FLAC files and so often use SongBird but use iTunes for all other music files. I thought that having the MyBook Live Duo connected directly to the MBP would provide the fastest, highest quality music streaming but it’s slow and I don’t know why. The music will often stop/hang, then start again, I have to log back in again to the MyBook Live duo and again that seems slow. Any advice here as I thought music fiiles would be small enough to stream from the NAS with ease?

Hello, have you tried to transfer a big file to see the transfer rate that is currently possible? If you are using an Ethernet adapter it could be the reason for the slow transfer rate. If possible try connecting the Live Duo directly to a PC/Mac with an Ethernet port to see if you get a better performance. 

When transferring large files to or from a Personal Cloud drive, performance may be slower than expected