MyBook Live Duo not working properly after upgrade to Windows 8

My MyBook Live Duo (connected via router) worked pretty good under Windows 7, but after upgrading to Windows 8 things have changed. When I open the driveletter Z: I get an error, which roughly translates into: “There’s been an error reconnecting between Z: and \\Public . Can’t find the network path”.

The only way to connect now is via ‘Network’ and then ‘MYBOOKLIVEDUO’. That’s all fine, but this way I can’t open files from within programmes like Paintshop Pro and Word etc. anymore.

Also, under ‘Computer’ a new “drive” called MyBookLiveDuo has appeared, but this also fails to give me access to files.

I wonder what has gone wrong and how I can go about correcting these errors. Any help will be highly appreciated.

(BTW I’ve considered uninstalling everything but installing the drive in the first place was a nightmare since the software installation disc delivered with the MyBook Live Duo… didn’t work! Nice going…)

Try posting in the network section.