Mybook Live Duo enclosure stopped Working

I have a Mybook live Duo in my company, today it stopped working, the led that indicates that it’s receiving power does not light-on. Already checked the AC adaptor and its working fine, took the unit to a data-recovery and disk repair specialist, they checked the disks and said those were fine too, the problem, they said, was the box or enclosure containing them.

The design department in my company has stopped working because of this, I need to replace the enclosure or fix the issue soon.
Im in Guadalajara Mexico, I would like to find an authorized repair center or supplier here who can provide the replacement of the broken piece or fix it.
temporary, is there a way I can access the information without the power supply just so I can get the design team running again.



I would recommend you contact the data recovery company who verified the drive in order to recover all your data from these drives, and transfer them to a new hard drive. Changing the enclosure will not guarantee you will be able to access the drive as you are used to.

Yes, I´ve heard the same advice from several good sources. We are getting a new drive.

Thanks for answering.