Mybook live duo does not network to iinet modem tg-789

mybook live duo does not network to the iinet tg-789 modem .
can not network on windows 7 or ubuntu
it worked on the boblite moden but need the tg-789 for nbn
can access the tg-789 mybooklive duo on the ipad with my cloud app and wd photos app…
any help, thanks.

Are you using DHCP or static IP addresses? If you have a static IP address defined in your MBL then it may have a different subnet than is used by the router in your modem, or the router’s DHCP server may have already given out that IP address.

If both MBL and the router are set to use DHCP then I would expect the two to talk with each other with no problem.

dhcp on both

I may have misunderstood your question. are you saying that your MBL won’t communicate with the modem/router or that the computer can’t see it? I thought you were saying the former. It’s an entirely different matter if you mean that you can’t access it from a computer.

I know nothing about Ubuntu but Windows may be reacting to your new router. I don’t remember how sensitive Win7 is but Win10 will switch your network interface to “public” if it sees a new router. You have manually change it back to “private” before Windows will allow SMB connections. I don’t remember enough about the Win7 networking setup to provide any help but there are probably others on this forum that can help.

it is working now .thanks

How did you fix it?

what i can remember doing …
connected back to boblite modem and it worked ,
then connected boblite to the tg-789
… rebooted the mybooklive ,
disconnected the boblite
then connected the mybook to the tg-789 and it works