MyBook Live Duo 8TB - Really BAD performance on MAC Os X

Hello everyone, greetings from Brazil

  So I have one MyBook World Edition II Whitelights 4 TB (MBWE II) and one brand new MyBook Live Duo 8TB (MBLD), both using RAID 0, both connected to a brand new Airport Extreme router using the Gigabit ports and both running the most updated version of their firmwares.

  At this point in time, I have the MBLD with the same content as  MBWE II

  I have set up the router to reserve a fixed ip address for both NAS using their MAC addresses.

  I am using a Macbook Air, i7 and 8 GB or Ram, connected to the Airport through wireless N 5 GHz (300 mbps).

  Long history short: accessing the MyBook Live Duo 8TB is pretty slower than access the old MyBook World Edition II (Whitelights) using the SAME network, SAME machine as well as the data transfer speed.

  I could access the MBLD using SMB but the transfer speed is so slow comparing to the transfer speed I can get with the MBWE 

  Videos containing the evidences of the testing can be seen here:

  - MBWE II ->

  - MBLD ->

  I guess we can rule out some of the things that maight be causing this issue: network, operation system and my laptop machine (as I have seen on other posts where ppl report almost the same problem) since they are all the same on both testing, right? Something has gotta be wrong with the MBLD

  I would like to get some inputs from the WD support team before I decide to return this thing.



How are you accessing the MBLD, if you aren’t using SMB?

I am accessing it via AFP (or whatever protocol Mac Os X uses to map the shares on Finder).